Just This

I just want to write this:

His blessings come in many different ways in many different times in many different forms we’ll never be able to grasp completely.

Slowly but surely we’ll see it, and then we’ll understand, as it unfolds.

Just trust Him. 🙂

Potret Desa Ekologis di Jerman

Video berikut ini menggambarkan desa ekologis (eco-village) di Jerman, yang saya dapatkan dari salah satu channel favorit saya, Deutsche Welle (DW) Indonesia.

Di desa ini tidak ada mobil yang beroperasi. Jadi mobil harus diparkir di luar areal desa, karena para anggota komunitas menginginkan desa mereka bebas polusi asap kendaraan bermotor. Mereka juga tidak menggunakan telepon seluler, dan umumnya vegan, karena mereka berpendapat bahwa mengkonsumsi daging sama dengan merusak iklim.

Intinya mereka hanya ingin hidup harmonis dengan alam.

Untuk menjadi anggota komunitas desa ekologis ini, seorang calon anggota harus membayar uang sejumlah 12 ribu Euro, atau setara 180 — 200 jutaan. Membangun desa ramah lingkungan tampaknya memang tidak murah.

Bagaimana pendapat Anda tentang desa ekologis di tengah negara maju seperti Jerman ini? Menarik untuk disimak, bukan?

Website Deutsche Welle Indonesia menyajikan beragam informasi lain yang menarik. Sila berkunjung jika Anda tertarik.

Have a great day! 🙂

Stoic Advice

Take a look at this cartoon of someone asking for an advice from Epictetus, one of well-known Stoic philosophers.

The point is that we could never really know in advance what would happen in the future, so being mindful in the present moment and rejoice in it is the best thing we could do, as past time was once a present time and future time will definitely be present time. It’s all about now and how we choose our mind to deal with anything happens in it.

What do you think about the cartoon? Feel free to share your thoughts through comments below.

Have a great day—filled with great present moments! 😉

Fides et Ratio

This is a huge topic on its own, and an 8-minute YouTube video here may serve well as an introduction.

Bishop Robert Barron on Faith and Reason

Something I noticed very clearly on this video is that faith and reason can walk side by side; Fides quaerens intellectum: Faith seeking understanding.

It means that our capacity to reason is in fact enriches our faith. The two are good together. As Anselm of Canterbury puts it eloquently, “Neque enim quaero intelligere ut credam, sed credo ut intelligam” (“I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe, but rather, I believe in order that I may understand”).

If you take your time to watch another video below—still from Bishop Barron—you’ll get the point.

Bishop Robert Barron on What Faith Is and What Faith Is Not

I do love Bishop Barron’s way of explaining. Clear and systematic. If you find his materials of interest, please subscribe to his YouTube channel or explore the website.

Pace e Bene. 🙂

How to Pack Light

Pack Light Guide

For those of you who travel a lot and don’t want to spend a lot of time packing stuff into your backpack, the video above might be something worth-watching.

So things you’re going to need for days—clothes, shoes, toiletries, snacks, jacket, water bottle, small bags, umbrella, wallet, quick-dry towel—are all packable into a single backpack. It helps you (a lot) during the travel, definitely.

I have tried it myself, and it feels great. The point is to decisively put in essential things, things that you really need, into your backpack. That way, you’ll find it easier to travel light.

Happy packing and be in peace.

Pace e Bene. 🙂