That Stoicism Thing

I am a bit hooked to this Stoicism thing and I would love to dig deeper.

If you know a thing or two about this philosophy, good to you because as far as I’m concerned, it does good! — it helps us identify and put the things we could actually control and alter in our focus, and leave the rest to God and nature.

In other words, we should not be worrying so much about the things beyond our control.

It is also a way to make us more peaceful. We can live and be more relaxed, and focusing on improving our thoughts, as these very thoughts are those that make up our emotion.

Stoicism is something very interesting to dive more into.

Author: Paulinus Pandiangan

Saya seorang Katolik, anak ketiga dari 3 bersaudara, ayah dari dua anak, orang Batak, saat ini bekerja di sebuah pabrik kelapa sawit di Kalimantan Tengah. Saya dilahirkan pada 8 Januari 1983. Capricorn.