Why Minimalism?

Well, I found, accidentally, a blog by Rachael Kable, a mindfulness mentor, award-winning blogger, published author and host of The Mindful Kind podcast (and video blog!).

On her blog about minimalism, I found several benefits of living minimally that resonate so well with me, and if those things resonate well with me, you may well relate to them as well.

To read her post right away, jump to her page now! and I am sure you’ll find the ‘why‘ behind minimalism lifestyle that has hooked many.

Have a great day! 🙂

On Minimalism

King Solomon Five Truths

King Solomon’s five truths above are really a good set of baseline—foundation, so to speak—for minimalism lifestyle.

Minimalism is not only a matter of removing clutters from your life, be them physical or mental, but deep down there is an old wisdom on which minimalism lies.

Minimalism is about focusing on what really matters. All the essentials.

It focuses on the least needed to make the most of life. In this perspective, abundance of things is not an evil. Our way of consumption is. Compulsive consumption is the real evil, of never enough.

What matters to you in the physical level, and how would you decide to use it to add values to your life as a whole?

That, I think, is the real question.

Pace e Bene. 🙂


Minimalism, in short, is about living with the essentials. It is about the mindset of really asking deep and fundamental questions about the way we live. It is about going deep about choices we make every single day: from a simple purchase to the structure of our thinking.

What is minimalism and what causes minimalism a rise as a lifestyle?

The following short video could be a good pointer to that. Enjoy!

A Documentary About The Important Things


The following video would be a good start for those of you who want to consider minimalism as a way of life.

How to be a Minimalist

And another video on minimalism by Sadia from Pick Up Limes YouTube channel:

Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism