Google Fit Day 7

Hi you all… 🙂

This is my result of using Google Fit on day 7, a morning walk for about 50 minutes.

3.89 km. Yes! 🙂

And below are some photos of my walking path:

The Water, The Trees, and The Sky. All Amazing! 🙂
The Biogas Digesters!

Have you walked today? 😉

Google Fit Day 5

Hi everybody!

This is the fifth tracking day of me exercising, and so far it feels so good. I am so blessed to have a great environment to do the exercise, everything feels great! 🙂

My Walking Path — with Trees! 😀
I Love The Color of The Sky! 🙂
My Morning Almost-1-Hour-Walk.

I wish you all healthy body and mind, and be convinced that today is itself a huge blessing to all of us, another chance to see another day.

Be happy!

Google Fit Day 4

Hi again!

So this is the visual of my afternoon walk as tracked by Google Fit.

Google Fit Day 4: 3,682 Steps!

It feels good right after doing it…

It takes the will to exercise regularly, but it is the action that makes the difference.

As Nike says, “Just do it!

Using Google Fit, Day 1

So yesterday, 30-th of July 2019, I started using an app called Google Fit. Basically, this is an app to track your exercise activities.

This is my result for day 1:

Day 1 Activity : Walking

Why using the app?

I am simply curious about the distance I can reach by walking around 30 minutes. It’s that simple.

The app gives more information like the amount of calories burned after the exercise, the steps, etc.

So I think it’s quite good to know more about your exercise, but the main thing here is, definitely, your will and consistency of doing it. After all, it’s for your fitness.

So, would you like to give it a try? 😉