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On Sleep

Enough sleep, in fact, is an unnegotiable biological need. That is one among the bold points made by Matthew Paul Walker on the following embedded video.

There are positive benefits, to our body and our brain, even to our psychology, from getting enough and quality sleep.

On the other side of the line, negative impacts from lack of sleep are so damaging, affecting our health to an extent worse than many of us have expected.

Matt Walker on Sleep

On the video above, Matt Walker explains the real benefits of enough sleep and the real impacts caused by the lack of it in a clear language complete with easy-to-digest analogies. Aside from 8-hour sleep rule for adults that many of us might have already familiar with, the room temperature requirement of 18 degree Celcius for optimum sleep is what I believe to be useful.

Having seen the video, I think it is now becoming so clear to us just how crucial a good and enough sleep is. It should be fully appreciated as Mother Nature’s way to ‘recharge’ us, so to speak, making sure we are fully energized to face another day.

Still, sleep deprivation remains a problem for many. Shift workers, for example, who basically work ‘against‘ their own biological clock, which is found by science far less than effective in terms of performance. There is no good answer to this, I think, but the science of sleep explained by scientist like Mark above gives us an insight to really understand a part of our nature as human beings: We do absolutely need a good and enough sleep.

How’s your sleep? 😉

Author: Paulinus Pandiangan

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