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Making Your Mind A Happy Place

I am not a psychologist or an expert on happiness, but the idea of happiness is a big theme for me. Deep down, we human beings all share a craving for it. While our brains have operated in survival mode since ancient times, making them prone to feeling agitated, certain techniques can help create a more calm and happy mind. Since we are going to live in (and with) our minds forever, it is vital to cultivate a happy state of mind. There are many techniques out there (you can always Google search if interested), but I will simply point out four of them here, briefly.

Please consider the following techniques as investments. Like any type of investment, they will bear fruit after a while. Making our brain a happier place certainly does not happen overnight.

Practicing Gratitude Daily

Expressing gratitude on a daily basis can shift our mindset from scarcity to abundance. By appreciating what we already have, we focus less on what we lack. People achieve this by directly expressing gratitude to those they wish to thank, mentally acknowledging those they are indebted to, or by keeping a daily gratitude journal. I have also written about this in a previous post (in Bahasa), which you can find here.

Limiting Unnecessary Inputs

In this age of information overload, filtering through information is akin to searching for precious stones in mud. Valuable information exists, but we must learn to discern what best serves us. Personally, I find useful insights on TikTok, albeit after sifting through a lot of irrelevant content.

Exercising Regularly

Not only is exercise good for the body, but it’s also beneficial for the mind. Finding an exercise routine that suits your preferences is crucial as it makes it easier to stick with. For example, I enjoy brisk walking in the afternoon after work. It’s simple, easy to do, and doesn’t require fancy equipment. Regular exercise releases endorphins, the body’s natural mood lifters, helping to maintain a happy mind.

Sleeping Well

Quality sleep is the foundation of a healthy mind. You will not function well when sleep deprived, and we all know this. Getting enough high-quality sleep will positively affect your brain biology, thus your overall well-being.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Being mindful of the importance of maintaining balance in life is crucial. Making our mind a place of contentment is a great start. After all, life is a gift to be savored, right?

Author: Paulinus Pandiangan

Saya seorang Katolik, anak ketiga dari 3 bersaudara, ayah dari tiga anak, orang Batak, saat ini bekerja di sebuah pabrik kelapa sawit di Kalimantan Tengah. Saya dilahirkan pada 8 Januari 1983. Capricorn.

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