Fides et Ratio

This is a huge topic on its own, and an 8-minute YouTube video here may serve well as an introduction.

Bishop Robert Barron on Faith and Reason

Something I noticed very clearly on this video is that faith and reason can walk side by side; Fides quaerens intellectum: Faith seeking understanding.

It means that our capacity to reason is in fact enriches our faith. The two are good together. As Anselm of Canterbury puts it eloquently, “Neque enim quaero intelligere ut credam, sed credo ut intelligam” (“I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe, but rather, I believe in order that I may understand”).

If you take your time to watch another video below—still from Bishop Barron—you’ll get the point.

Bishop Robert Barron on What Faith Is and What Faith Is Not

I do love Bishop Barron’s way of explaining. Clear and systematic. If you find his materials of interest, please subscribe to his YouTube channel or explore the website.

Pace e Bene. 🙂

Author: Paulinus Pandiangan

Saya seorang Katolik, anak ketiga dari 3 bersaudara, ayah dari dua anak, orang Batak, saat ini bekerja di sebuah pabrik kelapa sawit di Kalimantan Tengah. Saya dilahirkan pada 8 Januari 1983. Capricorn.