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On Creating Happiness

Here is a TED talk by Katarina Blom about creating happiness instead of finding it.

See what the whole idea is and listen just how it sounds to you personally on the following video:

Katarina Blom on TEDx

Having seen the video, following are some important things I’ve got:

  • Positive thinking alone is not enough when it comes to well-being. It takes positive action instead, repetitive positive action, to be more precise. For example, texting kind words to people at work, done repeatedly, would benefit you in the long term. Just as Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It!.”

  • A study by Daniel Gilbert and Matthew Killingsworth found that, on average, our mind is wandering 47% of the time we are awake. It is really hard to focus on the task at hand, so relying upon the mind power alone to think positively is definitely so hard, if not impossible.

  • We are also biased almost all the time, and this is reflected in how we do make priorities. We tend to put first one complaint from a coworker instead of some compliments from the same person. One complaint leaves a stronger emotional mark than some compliments, and this emotional asymmetry is strongly related to the very design of how our brain evolved: to survive. Survival mode is the default mode of our brain at work.

Here is the TED talk video of the longest happiness study done by Harvard researchers; a research that finally reveals that quality relationship is the key to happiness.

Robert Waldinger on TED

Well, those are some big things that I would argue to be the essence of the talk given by Katarina Blom.

And today, just how happy you are? 😉

Author: Paulinus Pandiangan

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