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On Claire Wineland and Her Legacy

Remember the Five Feet Apart movie I’ve introduced on a previous post?

The story is inspired by Claire Wineland, an active and inspiring young woman with Cystic Fibrosis, who died at 21. Stella Grant, one of the main two characters in the movie represents Claire, an active CF patient who falls in love with Will Newman, another CF patient.

Claire Wineland

On the video above, you could see just how positive she is about her life. She is clearly suffering, but she is channeling her energy and time to all the beauty in her life, trying to help and even inspire lot more people, while she can.

She is also beautiful, very knowledgeable, so mature and wise beyond her age. It is kind of hard to believe that she is that young but so wise.

Personally I was really impressed to see her actively involved in political campaign, posting videos on her YouTube page, playing music, studying things, even inspire people through her speech, given CF in the picture. It’s definitely not easy to be her.

I am particularly inspired by a line of her expressed on the video:

“Death is inevitable, but living a life that we can be proud of, that is something we can actually control.”

Claire Wineland

Her real life story gets me to the question worth-considering in every single day of our life in this world:

What is it you are going to write in the minutes of your life?

Are you still going to waste your time sweating the little things? Or, are you going to put more focus on things that matter, like the quality of your relationships with loved ones?

Life is short. Too short to be spent chasing things that do not clearly contribute to your happiness. If this is another new day given to us, it is another day that should be meaningful, not just hours pass us by.

What is it that matter to you?

Feel it, enjoy it as much as you can and as long as you can, because we all know, there will be time for us all to die, a time when we couldn’t have it all anymore.

* * *

Update: The following are some of her inspiring talks published on YouTube.

Claire, 14, on a TEDx Conference!
Claire on Another TEDx Conference.

Her YouTube Clairity Project (what a cool title!) is on this page.

Her YouTube channel is here.

Claire : An Official Trailer

She’s totally amazing, isn’t she?

For me she is an angel, such a beautiful gift from God, a mature and wise girl far beyond her age.

God sent her for us. She is such a beautiful gift. 🙂

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