The One Thing

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

People have different things in their mind, it could be water, which is essential for any living organisms. One could also say air, for oxygen is also a requirement for our respiration as aerobic living bodies.

For me, more than anything, the answer would be love, in whatever form that takes. Love is what makes life worth-living, and it gives life a sense of purpose.

What about you, fellas? What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Bacteria Do Talk!

Well, they are using the so-called ‘chemical words’, which are specific chemicals for specific purposes. So, different chemicals for counting bacterial population and for launching an attack. This finding is a real breakthrough, for scientists can then manipulate these ‘words’ for medication, for instance.

How does such communication actually happen? Listen to Professor Bonnie Bassler of Princeton University in her 2009 TED talk below:

Rapid Skill Acquisition

Are you familiar with this phrase, “So much to learn, so little time?

I am sure you are. That, in fact, is a concern of many people. People love to acquire many skills, but not many could manage their way to. In the following video, you may get an insight on how to do exactly that.

Josh Kaufman has written a book on accelerated learning titled The First 20 Hours. For those of you interested to dive into the techniques Josh described in above video, go buy the book online.

Better Decisions: 3 Ideas from CompSci

Better decision could mean goals achieved in less time. On this TED talk, Tom explains clearly how our daily simple decisions can be improved using insights from algorithms developed by computer scientists, like a better time-ordered filing system for faster access.

I am really sure that this one really worth of your time.