The Tyranny of Merit

Michael Sandel — The Tyranny of Merit

There is always luck in someone’s success, and the belief of success due to one’s merit is flawed. That, I think, to be the point of what professor Michael Sandel talks about on this TED video.

All I Want (Kodaline)

Kodaline — All I Want
Kodaline — All I Want (Concert)

The following is the virtual concert version:

Kodaline — All I Want (Virtual Concert)

The following is my favorite cover of the song by Gloria Jessica Gultom, performed at The Voice Indonesia 2016:

Gloria Jessica — All I Want


The Island’s Only Taxi

It’s interesting to listen to a man’s view on life on this video. It emphasizes on the beauty of real communication among human beings. Being a taxi driver on an island had put him in situations to build rapport with all his passengers, doing real conversations.

Feel free to enjoy his views, and hopefully you get something of good value out of it.