A Bite of Stoicism

In the line above lies a simple truth all of us need to be aware of: we are all biased.

And that bias comes from our own thoughts.

It is our own minds that are responsible for creating “stories in our heads” — the thoughts that add spices to events that are basically neutral; the thoughts that give rise to certain emotions.

So emotion is the result of the narative we ourself “craft” in our own minds. It is our own responsibility.

Having said that, whenever you see something, it’s important to be aware that what you think you see in your mind is merely a perspective. Your own perspective, so to speak, and that perspective is not the truth itself.

That is something Stoicism teaches us.

It’s about mindful about what things really are and what things look like in our mind, and stick to the truth.

Some Plants and … Books!

Euphorbia milii
Cactus, definitely 🙂
The Flamingo flower

Just some photos of the plants around the house. Colorful and exotic, aren’t they? 😉

By the way, I found some old books on the shelf; books that once in my to-read list. I would love to read them again, definitely. The following three are the most interesting:

Books on Photography, Writing, and Philosophy

Some Snapshots at Pematangsiantar

The following are some snapshots I took using my phone during my one-week-annual-leave at Pematangsiantar.

Mussaenda frondosa, as Google calls it 🙂
View at the side of my house

Those views are taken at the Bah Bolon river bank at the side of my house, not very far from the street called Jalan Lintas Tengah Sumatera.

I love all what nature gives in photos: sky, trees, green leaves, water, and definitely light!

Look at the sky. So beautiful! 🙂
The Bah Bolon river

All those components put together make beautiful photos — in my view. What do you think?

Google Fit Day 8

Day 8 Result: 4.49 km! 🙂

So above is my result for using Google Fit on day 8. So refreshed! 🙂

Here are some snapshots of my morning walk path just this morning:

So Refreshing! 🙂
Walk On… And On… And On…
First Step… Then Another Step… And More Steps.
The Lovely Trees! 🙂

I wish you all a good life, a healthy mind and body, and peaceful life, as always.

Carpe diem! 😉

Why Minimalism?

Well, I found, accidentally, a blog by Rachael Kable, a mindfulness mentor, award-winning blogger, published author and host of The Mindful Kind podcast (and video blog!).

On her blog about minimalism, I found several benefits of living minimally that resonate so well with me, and if those things resonate well with me, you may well relate to them as well.

To read her post right away, jump to her page now! and I am sure you’ll find the ‘why‘ behind minimalism lifestyle that has hooked many.

Have a great day! 🙂