Just a Thought #2

How have you treated your fellow human beings during your life time?

Have you been kind to each and everyone of them?

Did you view them as pure as they are as God’s creation, regardless of any worldly attributes attached to them?

Did you try to help?

Did you try to use kind words to them?

Did you love instead of hate?

Did you realize that you are equal with everybody else in front of God?

On and on and on…

Such questions are really for us to reflect every single day. As fellow human beings, it is kindness that we are looking from each other.

Yes, there will always be bad people.

But in the very deep of our hearts, we are all craving for the same qualities.

Just a Thought

Think about when you are getting older, weaker, slower.

How many issues you have in your age and your physical state today would still really matter when you are older?

Priorities can change over time.

What seems important today may not be that important later in your life.

So, relax young man…

You can have many things today in your to-do list, but only few are actually essential.

Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck at Google

According to Carol Dweck, there are two kinds of mindset: fixed mindset and growth mindset. People may have more of one kind, or even both in a more balanced proportion.

People with fixed mindset tend to believe that our abilities are ‘fixed’ – hence the term fixed mindset. They believe that one is born either with certain abilities or not. On the other end, people with growth mindset believe that abilities can be developed, and not necessarily exclusive to certain group of people who “have it”.

The good thing about this finding is this: anyone could learn to have a growth mindset, given a supportive condition for nurturing such a mindset and effort.

The above video is the talk given by Carol Dweck at Google, explaining the concept of both fixed and growth mindsets, and how people could apply the principles of ‘mindset in action’ through a Q/A session.

For those interested to get the hard copy of Dr. Dweck’s research on mindset, here’s the link to the book.