Christmas 2020

At this year’s end, we’re still living with the current pandemic, and so Christmas this year would be totally different. We’d celebrate it with restrictions to keep us all safe and healthy.

Christmas this year is clearly one we are not used to.

But anyway, it’s always good to reflect deeply on what Christmas really is. We need to, especially during this difficult time, go deep into the core of Christmas itself. And that is what the following video about: the deep philosophical meaning of Christmas.

Bishop Barron on Christmas

And as a complementary to that, the following video argues on why Christmas this year might actually be a great one.

This Could Actually be a Great Christmas

I wish the above two videos would be good enough to help us understand and realize that even this pandemic can be used by God for our good.

And I wish you all a merry Christmas! God bless us all. 😍❤

With love,

POME to Electricity

Dua video singkat berikut menjelaskan alur konversi limbah pengolahan buah kelapa sawit—dikenal dengan istilah POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent)—menghasilkan biogas, yang selanjutnya menjadi bahan bakar untuk menghasilkan tenaga listrik.

Konversi POME Menjadi Biogas

Alur proses di sebuah biogas plant sendiri dapat disimak dalam video yang cukup informatif berikut (berbahasa Inggris) :

Biogas Plant Process Flow

YouTube Channel : Humankind

The latest YouTube channel that I love is called Humankind. It contains real life, touching stories.

For example an ill child that is miraculously healed after kissed by Pope Francis during general audience at Vatican, or a mother who forgives her son’s killer. All good stories of humanity.

The following three are among my favorites:

If you are like me, you’re going to like the stories. All good stories of humanity. ❤

The Tyranny of Merit

Michael Sandel — The Tyranny of Merit

There is always luck in someone’s success, and the belief of success due to one’s merit is flawed. That, I think, to be the point of what professor Michael Sandel talks about on this TED video.